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Carlrome AKA Romedag0d & RDG was born and raised in NEWARK NJ. When this hip hop artist first figured out he was into music, he was about 16 years old just playing around in the lunch room with a couple of friends. A lot of people use to tell him he had skills, but he really didn’t think much of it. Him and his friends used to just go home and write for fun so he just kind of thought that was just their thing.

Growing up just like most inner-city kids he didn’t really have much of a father figure. He was raised by his mom whom had eight other children, so things weren't easy for them. At the age of 21 his father passed away which was upsetting only because now he knew we could never truly build a relationship with one him. On the bright side, he realized that’s just life and what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger, and he's just about ready for anything life has to offer at this point in life. He attended Weequahic High School tried out a few sports, wasn’t really his style. He says he rather be eating, playing videos games, and hanging out with his friends. if he had to pick one word to describe himself it would be CHILLED. For the most part, He's just trying to build a better me and be as successful as he can be, he has a dream now it’s time for him to wake up and turn it into a reality.