Estate Recordz is a record company that is unbiased, we do not see color, gender, size etc. Our team is open to all Genres of music, we want our consumers to hear something different. A little about us, our Co-Owners of Estate Recordz are entertainers and have a vast knowledge of the industry, so they understand the wariness you might have because of the challenges Artist and Record Labels face. 

Estate Recordz is a spiritual establishment, we will make it our duty for you build and perfect your craft, as well as feel free enough to make the music you as our Artist wish to make; within reason. We are always looking for raw, new talent as well as people who have our passion and understand that each Genre represents culture and diversity through sound. Music opens your mind, it makes for better ideas and it also plays such a huge role in many, if not all areas of our lives. 

Our Label will acquire talent that will forefront areas of the industry. Our artist have full use of the companies’ resources and support, for example background dancers, studio time, photo shoots, and more! We want you to be able to create great music that will last for generations to come. 

Estate Recordz - Founders



Nicole is Co-owner and Head of A&R at Estate Recordz. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Nicole has a Computer Science Degree and over 20 years’ experience in Business, Technology, Project Management, Music, Dance and Choreography. Nicole runs Estate Recordz Business, under her management she’ll make sure the Business, Technology, Artist Management and Marketing aspects are running effortlessly. Nicole was a Science major until she switched over to Technology Science and Business. She has lead several Technology and Business Departments for various high-profile companies throughout her career. 

She comes from a background of Educators and Business owners. Her mother Jessie was a Principal and her father Gilbert owned various businesses in New York. During her childhood her parents kept her busy with numerous artistic, structural and science programs. Nicole is well rounded, she reads music, plays several woodwind instruments, paints, draws, has studied the following dance areas; Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Ballet and Gymnastics during her life. Nicole will also use her Business, Technology & Music knowledge to assist her partner Devon Anderson in the Artist Development Management. Her passion is music, she’s not genre specific and couldn’t tell you her favorite artist, she loves them all! 

In addition to running Estate Recordz Business affairs by day, Nicole teaches Zumba in the evenings in NJ, she became an instructor in 2012. When requested, Nicole provides choreography services, for various events in the Tri State Area. 

Devon AKA Deson Teninchy Co-owner of Estate Recordz

Devon AKA Deson Teninchy

Deson Teninchy has years in the music industry as a Rapper, Song Writer and Producer. Deson Teninchy will utilize his vast knowledge in music to acquire talent, arrange music and manage business affairs along with his Co-Owner Nicole. Deson Teninchy has opened for Styles P, Jadakiss, Kool G Rap, Rah Digga, Eminem, Keith Murray, Rampage, Das EFX, Black Moon, KRS-One and Big Pun and the list goes on. 

Deson Teninchy grew up in a musically inclined home, listening to Jazz, Doo-wop, Reggae, Calypso, R&B, Hip Hop and Salsa. Deson Teninchy spent hours watching his parents rehearse and perform; singing & dance in various music groups. It taught him character, ambition and integrity. His style of Rap Music is real life, he writes from his soul, his songs are written from an inner-city point of view due to his experience. Some would call him a street poet, and others would say he's a bit unorthodox… but that is what makes him relate to various communities. He was raised years beyond his youth, learning the dos and don'ts early in life.

Deson Teninchy was no exception to poverty and the dangers that lurked on various street corners in New York streets. He is street smart, educated and passionate, he is known for aggressive delivery, metaphors, witty punch lines and strong lyrical content.

Deson Teninchy is Co-Owner at Estate Recordz, Record Company. He is utilizing his vast knowledge to create great music, write/arrange music, acquire and maintain talent as well as manage business affairs, along with his Co-Owner, Nicole. He is an amazing Artist, that will capture the attention and entertain all.